Office 365 – Event driven retention

While most of the data retention requirement is usually set on a time based (keep until xx after creation/update), there is still some retention requirements which are set based on activities or events, such as departed users, expired products or contracts….

Now, with the Office 365 Security and Compliance portal you can also define the data retention based on event and not only on time/age.

To take advantage of this new retention “event based”, you need to first create a label, publish/auto-apply it, define the event to trigger the retention

From the Security and Compliance portal (

Create the event based label

  • Access the Classifications\Labels section and create the new label to use for the event based retention policy


  • At the Label settings, enable the retention and select on an event for the Retain or delete the content option


  • Then you have to define the event which will trigger the retention policy – if you need you will be able to create a new event (you will be able to manage these by accessing the Data Governance\Events\Manage event type)



  • Then, just as any other label, you need to either publish or auto-apply it


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