Exchange Online – Easier Office 365 Groups recovery

You may already know that you can recover a deleted Office 365 Groups using PowerShell during the 30 days retention period.

This does not change but it is becoming a bit easier by using Exchange Online ECP.

As for the restore with PowerShell, the following is recovered when the deleted Office 365 Group is recovered:

  • Azure Active Directory (AD) Office 365 Groups object, properties and members
  • Group SMTP address
  • Exchange Online shared inbox and calendar
  • SharePoint Online team site and files
  • OneNote notebook (if used)
  • Planner (if used)

To recover the group and also see when it has been deleted, connect to Exchange Online ECP with your Global/Exchange administrator account (

Go to the Recipients\Groups section and look for the Group type Office 365 Group (for the purpose of this post I have created an Office 365 Group named “RecoverECP”


After the group is deleted, it will be showed with a new status Deleted XX days ago where XX means the number of day since it has been deleted


And on the right side, a new option to recover the group is now available


Then you will need to confirm the recovery process


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