Azure – Launch of the Azure Migrate preview

This has been announced at the Ignite Conference earlier and in private preview for quite some time now.

Today, Azure Migrate is launched in public preview – everybody can try it to migrate on-premises VM’s workloads to Azure VM’s.

To start using Azure Migrate to help you identify if a workload can be migrated to Azure and what are the dependencies, logon to your Azure ARM portal and search for Azure Migrate or Migration Projects

NOTE at this stage, this will assist you to migrate VMWare virtual machines


Then you will need to create a new Migration Project


When creating the project you need to define the subscription to associate with, the resource group and the target location (in case you can migrate your workload)


Once the project is created you can start to assess your on-premises VM’s


This requires to download the VMWare collector appliance (a pre packaged VM), deploy it on your VCenter and connect to the Azure Project


Then you will be able to start the assessment and start identifying which workload(s) you can migrate to Azure

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