Windows 8 – New way to open session

Since the beginning, opening a Windows session was done with a login – username and password.

But with Windows 8, especially on Tablet PC, this way of working has changed. I said especially with Windows 8 Tablet PC because entering the password is not an easy thing (especially complex password, used in an enterprise context).

So Microsoft has introduced 2 new ways to logon in addition of the login way:

  • PIN password: well know because already used with cell phones to authenticate your device on your mobile operator network
  • Picture password


How to use these new ways

Both ways (PIN and picture password) are available on Tablet as well as on ‘classic’ PC.

To define (and so use) these new authentication methods:

  • Open the More PC Settings from the Charms bar (move your mouse to the right part, or use the Win+C keyboard shortcut)


  • Then go to the User section


  • On Your account page, click on Create a picture password or Create a PIN option to define the ‘password’


  • If you click on Create a PIN, you must have to re-enter your current password to confirm your identity and then enter your PIN code twice



  • If you click on Create a picture password, you must have to re-enter your current password to confirm your identity and then choose a picture and finally define your gesture on the picture

image image image image

Then any of the authentication methods will be available to open a Windows session for the next session (you have to close your current session after this configuration).

If you are using a Windows 8 Tablet PC, the system will propose you by default to use the PIN or Picture code instead of the password.

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