Intune – A new application deployment type for Windows: Enterprise App Catalog

As you know, you can deploy applications with Intune using different application types, from Microsoft Store to Windows (Win32) applications.

Well, a new Win32 application type is now available to help simplify Windows applications deployment and management: Enterprise App Catalog.

Enterprise App Catalog is pre-packaged Win32 application and managed by Microsoft; simplifying the package creation (no more need to do it yourself) and then automatically update the application; application listed in the Enterprise App Catalog contains applications with self-update capability.

If you don’t find the application you wish, you can fill up the form available here

When this will become generally available, this will be available if you have an Intune Suite license or the corresponding standalone SKU (Enterprise App Management add-on)


To start creating new Enterprise App Catalog application, connect to your Intune portal ( to access the Apps\Windows blade


Then you can browse the catalog – the list contains both Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications, based on the most applications used by Enterprise.

NOTE the list will evolve in the future off course


After selecting an application, the rest of the process is similar to add a Win32 application, except you don’t have to find and set the various settings, especially the detection rules.

image  image

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