Azure – New free SQL Managed Instance SKU available in preview

As you probably already know, Azure provides a serverless SQL service called SQL Managed Instance.

Well, there is a good news as you can now enjoy a new SKU for free.

Before you start jumping around, you need to know the following limitations/restrictions for the free SQL Managed Instance offer:

  • Capacity
    • 1 year
    • 720 vCore hours of compute every month
      • 4 and 8 vCore only
    • 64 GB of storage
    • Once vCore limit is reached, the instance will be stopped with status “Stopped – Insufficient credit”
  • Azure subscription type availability
    • Pay As You Go
    • CSP
    • 1 free SQL instance per subscription
  • High availability
    • No zone redundancy
    • No failover
  • Backup
    • Between 0 and 7 days only
    • Long term retention is not available
  • SLA and support
    • No SLA
    • No support
  • Upgrade SKU
    • You can’t upgrade from the free SKU to a paid one
  • Region availability – probably only during the preview, once GA it may become available in more region
    • Australia East
    • East US
    • East US 2
    • North Europe
    • Sweeden Central
    • Southeast Asia
    • South Central US
    • UK South
    • West Europe
    • West US 2
    • West US 3

As you can understand, target use case for the free SKU is to provide SQL capabilities for test or development at a cheapest cost.

To provision a free SQL Managed Instance, just connect to your Azure portal (  and search for SQL Managed Instance to create the instance

On the Basics tab, you should see a purple banner to allow you creating a free SQL MI


By clicking on the Apply free offer you Compute+Storage option will automatically be switched to the free SQL MI offer


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