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If you are managing a fleet of devices with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), you may already know that you are able to integrate third party vendors/partners to manage their specific updates, such as drivers or BIOS.

This capability was still missing in Intune; except for Microsoft Surface devices, at some point, thanks to the Surface Management portal (see

Well, good news for Intune administrators as now they can also have the same with third-party vendors – at start it covers only HP devices.

To enjoy this new integration with Intune, you first need to have the new Devices experience enabled, which is currently in preview (see

Then you will see the new Partner portals blade being available at the end


From there you will be able to logon/access the partners portal, HP or Surface. In the case of the Surface, you will be off course be redirected to the Surface Management Portal in Intune.

For HP, you will first have a global administrator to grant the required permissions for the HP administration portal (HP Connect – to access/read the required information.

The HP link will take you to HP Connect where you can update, configure, and secure the BIOS on your HP devices.

image  image

NOTE there may be some slight delays after granting the required permissions, which means you may experience a “Something went wrong’ situation. Just wait a little bit before trying to access again

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