Office 365 – New unified domain for Office 365 services

As you know, each Office 365 services have its own domain, like, or

This fragmentation can cause some challenges for end-users and administrators.

Microsoft is now introducing a new unified domain for all Office 365 services:

thumbnail image 2 captioned Animated image of a browser address bar rotating through several app URLs on the domain:,,,,, and

This unification under the umbrella will simplify user experience by reducing sign-in prompts or redirect while help administrators reducing the allow-list.

At first, only new services will fall under this new domain. Existing services will slowly move under it over time due to a broader range of implications.

We can expect redirection from current services URLs under the when the corresponding service is moving under it.

This does not impact other Microsoft cloud services like Azure; at least not for now.

More about the announcement here

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