Teams – You can now enforce the use of public preview ring

Teams has been allowing the use of public preview ring to let customers evaluate some new features upfront of the general availability to allow either documentation update, support teams awareness…

Until now, there was only 3 options to configure access to the public preview:

  • Not enabled
  • Enabled
  • Follow Office Preview

While you obviously had the ‘Enabled’ option, this is requiring the end-user to manually switch its Teams client to the preview mode.

Well, good news as now you enforce the use of the public preview ring by selecting the new 4th option: Forced

To do so, connect to your Teams administration portal ( to access the Teams\Teams update policies then edit the policy you want to enforce the use of the public preview ring


You can also use the Teams PowerShell module to do so

Set-CsTeamsUpdateManagementPolicy -Identity <policy identity> -AllowPublicPreview “Forced”

NOTE users can still opt-out but the setting will be reapplied the next time Teams is checking for policies

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