Azure AD – New authentication method – Authenticator Lite (preview)

A new authentication method called Authenticator Lite is available in preview.

Authenticator Lite allows end-users to perform multifactor authentication without the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Some end-users may be reluctant to install corporate applications on their mobile device or in some country/region there is a legal requirement for employers to provide corporate mobile phone if corporate applications must be installed.

Authenticator Lite is the answer to these challenges by allowing end-users to answer MFA request using a familiar application, such as Outlook Mobile (to know more about Authenticator Lite see

Azure AD administrator can enable and configure this new method from the Azure AD portal ( from the Azure Active Directory\Security\Authentication Methods blade or from the Entra portal ( from the Azure Active Directory\Protect & secure\Authentication methods blade by editing the Microsoft Authenticator method

image  image

When editing the Microsoft Authenticator method, access the Configure section and scroll to the bottom to configure the Microsoft Authenticator on companion applications


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