Intune – New troubleshooting experience available in preview

If you use Intune to manage your devices (either corporate, BYOD, mobile, full cloud or even in co-management), you will be happy to learn a new troubleshooting experience is now available in preview.

This new experience provides:

  • Export, filter, and sort on reports
  • Support for excluded policies and applications
  • Filter the entire experience to a single device

with also additional data insights for all device diagnostics, disable or offline devices that have not checked in for 3 days or more.

To start using this new experience, logon to your Intune portal ( to access the Troubleshooting + support\Troubleshoot blade


There you will get a purple banner letting you know about the preview and then letting you turn on the preview (bottom)

image  image

Then you can search for a user account and get all information related to devices linked with the user


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