Teams / Intune – Administrators can now control Teams notifications with more granularity

If you use Intune / Endpoint Configuration Manager, you are already aware that you can implement applications protection and configuration policies to secure your organizational data on mobile devices.

As a mobile device user using Microsoft Teams, you also know you can get activity notifications from Teams (chat, channels…).

Until now, Intune administrators had no granular options to control which type of Teams notifications could be blocked or allowed using Intune Application Protection policy.

Well, good news as you now have a more granular control to manage these Teams notifications.

The first thing to do is to have an Application Protection policy which blocks org data notifications on the Data protection tab (you can configure other settings as you want). You need to ensure this policy will apply to Teams by either selecting selected apps and select Teams, all apps or all Microsoft apps

image  image

Then you need to create an Application Configuration policy for Teams (same as for the protection policy you need to ensure Microsoft Teams is included in the application scope) and implement the following settings – the value 1 means notification is enabled/authorized, while the value 0 means notification is not enabled/authorized

  • Chat notifications:
  • Channel notifications:
  • Other notifications:


Finally you need to ensure these policies are deployed and applied to the appropriate target(s)

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