SCCM – The new 2211 version of SCCM is now available and has a new prerequisite

The new release of System Center Configuration Manager 2211 is now available.

It will be made available through the in-console update gradually.

As always, you can force the detection by using the early update script available here

As part of this release a new prerequisite check has been introduced: Network Access Account (NAA) account usage alert.

This has been introduced to help you improve the security of distribution point when configured with Network Access Account with more permissions than the required permissions (see

If you have this alert, remove the NNA and add a new one with only the required permissions

[Completed with warning]:The site server configured with HTTPS/Enhanced HTTP, does not require network access account. Please verify the minimum appropriate permission of this account(s) and remove the account(s) which has higher privileges. We recommend you remove the configured network access account(s) which are not leveraged. For more information about your network access account required permissions, see


In addition, if your site server is configured with HTTPS / EHTTP, it recommended removing NAA account, which is unused.

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