Azure – You can now restore virtual machine in a different subscription (preview)

If you are running virtual machines in Azure, you already know that you can backup your virtual machine using Azure Recovery Vault.

Well, until now, when you had to restore a virtual machine you could only restore it within the same subscription.

This is no longer the case as you can now restore the virtual machine in a different subscription.

Before you start, you need to know the below details:

  • Not supported/available for encrypted or trusted launch virtual machines
  • Supported/available for virtual machine using managed identity
  • Not supported/available for snapshots or secondary region restore

Now, if you want to restore a virtual machine to another subscription, just access the Recovery Vault backing up the VM and select the virtual machine to restore.

During the restore operation you will be able to select the new target subscription for the restored virtual machine; if the virtual machine is also using managed identity you will have the option to restore it too

When configuring the restore operation, you can choose to either create a new virtual machine or just restore the disks


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