Teams – You can now view users/groups assigned to a policy from the portal

As a Teams administrator you know you can create various policies (teams, meeting, voice…) to manage features configuration.

These policies are then assigned to users or groups.

Well, you can now more easily view which users/groups are assigned to a policy from the Teams administration portal.

To use this new capability, logon to your Teams portal ( and access the policies blade you want to check the policy assignment:

  • Teams policies
  • Teams update policies
  • Meeting policies
  • Live events policies
  • Voice policies (calling, on hold…)

Then locate the policy you want to review the assignment and click on the View users link shown in the Assigned to users column

NOTE this is not available to any global policy as the global policy is always assigned to users/groups with no policy assigned to


You will then be redirected to the Users\Manage users page with a filter automatically set to the policy name you are reviewing


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