Azure – You will need to upgrade your Basic Public IP by end of September 2025

If you are using the Basic SKU for public IP addresses in Azure, you will have to upgrade them to use the Standard SKU before September 30th, 2025.

Indeed, starting September 30th, 2025 the Basic SKU for Public IP address in Azure will be retired.

NOTE as Basic SKU does not offer Availability Zone support, upgraded Basic IP address will continue to have no availability zone, meaning it can not be associated with a resource that is either zone-redundant.

To upgrade your Basic Public IP, connect to your Azure portal ( to access your Public IP addresses


Then either search for the Public IP(‘s) using the Basic SKU (if you know) or add a filter to the list view to display only the Basic IP addresses


Then click on the IP address to access its configuration page; you will see in the Overview blade a purple banner notifying you to upgrade to Standard, just click on it

NOTE your Basic Public IP must have a static assignment; if you have a dynamic assignment you will get notified; meaning there is a chance for service disruption as you may not be able to change the configuration from Dynamic to Static

NOTE if you are using a Basic Public IP for your Site-to-Site VPN connection (hopefully not), you will have to delete the connection (from the Local Area Gateway and delete the VPN Gateway – you will need to use any SKU other than Basic) before doing the upgrade and then re-create the connection

image  image

If your Basic Public IP can be upgraded, you will then get requested to confirm the upgrade (which can not be reverted)


NOTE if you are using System Center Configuration Manager and have configured the Cloud Management Gateway I would recommend to wait for now as the Azure resources deployed for the Cloud Management Gateway are managed by the SCCM; it will definitively be updated with potential guidance to perform the upgrade if necessary.

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