Exchange Online – A new Exchange Online PowerShell module – v3 – is available

image  If you use Office 365, you are probably also been using Exchange Online.

  As such you are probably already aware that few administrations tasks need to be done using the Exchange Online PowerShell module.

  This module has gone under multiple iteration and is now in version 2 (also known as Exchange Online PowerShell V2 module) (see

Well, there is now a new version – Exchange Online PowerShell V3 module.

This new version uses REST-based cmdlets and allows the use of Exchange Online cmdlets using REST API calls.

The new version – V3 – is an upgrade of the existing V2.

To install the new V3 version, use the Install-Module PowerShell command

Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement

To know more about the V3 capabilities, you can check this page

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