Azure – You can now test your Azure Monitor Action Group (preview)

Monitoring your workloads is an important task to ensure they are running smoothly and accordingly to your expectations.

If you have workloads running on Azure, you may already know that the monitoring and alerting capability is delivered through Azure Monitor.

When using Azure Monitor to monitor your workloads, you have to define the rule (scope and conditions) and action(s) (using the action group).

Well, you can now test your action group; with this new Azure Monitor capability you can validate that your action group is working as expected without having to plan for a ‘real life’ test (like changing the rule configuration to lower the thresholds).

To test your Azure Monitor action group, connect to your Azure portal ( to access the Monitor service


Then access the Alerts blade to access the Action groups tab


Then open the Ellipsis menu for the action group you want to test


Then you can choose which action(s) you want to get tested (the actions list depend on what you have configured in your action group) as well as the test type

image  image  image

Then depending of the action(s) configured you may receive a text message (SMS), an email or whatever webhook, automation runbook or ITSM you have configured

For the purpose of this post, I have tested to be alerted by text message and email; both notifications are shown below and clearly state this is a test

image  image

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