Yammer – A new Azure AD administration role for Yammer is available

image  This is probably the last Office 365 workload which did not had an Azure AD administration role available to delegate his administration.

  Yammer is now getting an Azure AD administration role – Yammer Administrator.

  When you grant users (or groups as you can also now use Azure AD groups to grant administration role – see https://t.co/gI3fD9fMnJ) the Yammer Administrator role they will be treated as Verified admin in Yammer automatically.

This is going to simplify the Yammer administration delegation as well as letting you use the Azure AD PIM (Privileged Identity Management)

The role is being deployed and expected to be completed by October.


If after the first time you grant the administration role it does not reflect to Yammer, just perform another update.

If you grant the role to an group, only members of the group are being granted Yammer Verified Admin, not the group (you will not see the group in the Yammer administrators section).

Existing Yammer verified administrator are not being added automatically as member of this new Azure AD administration role.

You can revoke Yammer Verified Admin from the Yammer administrators section but it does not remove the user from the AAD administration role; which means the next time there is an update on the Yammer administrator role in AAD, the revoked user will be granted back Yammer Verified Admin.

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