Teams – You can now enable Q&A on Teams meeting

As you probably already know, you can use the Teams meeting chat to exchange with participant and also ask questions.

Well, when you are in a large and/or structured meeting – such as training or town hall – questions asked using the chat windows may be ‘lost’ for the organizer due to the ‘chat noise’.

Good news, you can now enable and use a Q&A feature.

To do so, when scheduling the meeting you can turn on the Q&A option (which is also available after scheduling) from the meeting options or from the meeting options menu once you have started the meeting.

image  image

Once enabled, the organizers and participants will see the Q&A button.


The organizers will then have the ability to set a moderation and manage if attendees can ask question and respond the conversation associated with.

Once you turn on the moderation, it can not be turned off for the remaining time of the meeting.

image  image  image

NOTE The existing Q&A app in the Teams App Store will be removed in August 2022. If there are existing meetings where Q&A was added from the Teams App Store, please remove the Q&A app and switch to using Q&A enabled through Meeting Options or you may see two versions of Q&A in your meeting.

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