Intune – Applications and drivers compatibility insights report (preview)

As you may be already aware, Intune/Endpoint Configuration Manager provides you with various reports.

One on them, Windows Update report, has been updated to include additional details to help you manage and prepare for Windows upgrade to Windows 11.

This update is also in preparation of the retirement of Desktop Analytics which was previously used to prepare Windows upgrade.

The new Windows Update reports now available in preview will help you identify:

  • application compatibility issues
  • drivers compatibility issues

In order to take advantage of these new reports, you need to ensure:

  1. your devices are either Azure AD Joined or hybrid Azure AD Joined
  2. your devices are managed by Intune – this includes co-managed devices
  3. the Windows Diagnostic data is enabled with at least the Required level (see

Then you can use the reports by connecting to your Intune portal ( and access the Reports\Windows Updates blade.

From there, access the Reports tab to open the report you want to review


Then you will need to define the target OS version you want to upgrade to and (optionally) the additional filters (scope, ownership…)


Once generated, the report will tell you the readiness status for each device and if you select one of the device you will be able to identify the application(s) and/or driver(s) compatibility issues

image  image

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