Intune – You can now re-enable co-management capabilities after Autopilot

By know you may be aware of the Autopilot capability with Intune/Endpoint Configuration Manager and Windows 10/11 devices to quickly onboard new devices (or refreshed ones).

Well, while this works quite well, there was a gap for customers still using SCCM and having their devices in co-management mode. After an Autopilot was triggered (either when onboarding new devices or refreshed ones), the SCCM client had to be deployed back on the devices.

This additional step was leading to the delay to be fully onboarded.

Well, good news, Intune has been updated and now you can automatically get the SCCM client deployed during the Autopilot process.

To do so, connect to your Intune portal ( and go to the Devices\Enroll devices\Windows enrollment blade


There you will now see a new option Co-management settings


By accessing this new Co-management settings you can create a profile to deploy the SCCM client and configure it using your own custom parameters (similar to what you do with the SCCM console)


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