Exchange – The latest Exchange 2019 CU is now available and has some important changes

How To: Exchange Authentication Policies - Dave Stork's IMHO Microsoft has released the latest CU for Exchange 2019 – 2022 H1.

Yes, it is no longer caller CU xx. This is one of the changes coming with this release.

The release cadence is now set to every 6 months or so (matching the Windows cadence); twice a year around Mars and September.

Second important change is the support of Windows Server 2022 as server OS to run Exchange 2019.

The final big change is more for hybrid customers; in hybrid mode (AD being synced to AAD) you had to have an Exchange server just for being able to perform recipients management.

The updated Management Role remove this requirement. You can install it only on a domain joined workstation and shutdown the Exchange ‘management’ server (see for more details)

On a side note, please note that the mainstream support for Exchange 2013 and 2016 has now ended so it is time to either completely move to Exchange Online or upgrade your Exchange environment.

You can download the CU here:

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