Azure AD – New workbook to help you analyze authentication prompts

As you know Azure AD provides you ways to review and troubleshoot authentication prompts but this is sometime difficult as you may have to deal with multiple reports and/or logs.

Well a new workbook called Authentication prompts analysis is now available.

It aggregates all logs related to authentication prompts for users and applications, giving you a better visibility on what is happening.

To access this new workbook you need to have configured the Azure AD Diagnostic settings to use a Log Analytics workspace.

To access the new workbook, connect to your Azure AD portal ( and access the Azure Active Directory\Workbooks blade


There you will find the Authentication prompts analysis workbook under the Usage section


The workbook will then give an insight on authentication prompts by methods (password, Windows Hello, Authenticator app…), devices (operating system), users (this includes also failed requests), applications and process

image  image  image

Enjoy this new reporting

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