Azure – A new view is available for showing resources

As you know, when you use the Azure portal you can view all resources deployed within your environment either by using the ‘All Resources’ option, selecting a specific Azure resource type (like virtual machine, virtual network….) or from the Overview of a resource group.

Until now you only had one view available for showing the resources which was a list view.

Well, you can now use a Summary view to show your resources.

The Summary View allows you to view the location where your resources are deployed, by type of resources, resource group or subscription; this option depends from where you are viewing the resources (All Resources, resource group or resource type).

For each Summary ‘sub view’ (location or type) you can have different graph, including a map view when using the Location.

To start using this new resources view, connect to your Azure portal ( and use one of the option to view your resources (All Resources, access a resource group or select a specific resource type)

Then at the top right of the resource list, open the drop down to switch from the default List View to the Summary view

image  image

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