Intune – New setting available to manage Known Folders redirection

As you may already know, you can manage your OneDrive clients with Intune using an Administrative Templates profile type for the device configuration.

Well, the setting allowing to manage and automatically move the Known Folders redirection to OneDrive has been updated.

The ‘original’ setting is now called “Silently move Windows known folders to OneDrive (1.0)” and then one “Silently move Windows known folders to OneDrive (2.0)”.

You should now update your device configuration profile you are using to configure the OneDrive client to use the version 2 of the setting.

Once you configure the version 2.0, the previous version will be set to Not Configured automatically.

With OneDrive client below the build 18.171.0823.0001, this setting only redirects empty known folders to OneDrive (or known folders already redirected to a different OneDrive account).

In later builds, it redirects known folders that contain content and moves the content to OneDrive.

In addition, the new version allows you to define which Known Folder to be redirected, it automatically set the Tenant ID as well as if you want to show the notification that the folders have been redirected.

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