Windows Server – The new Windows Server version is now available


As you may be aware, a new version of Windows Server – Windows Server 2022 – was underway (preview announced in June this year –
Well, good news, it is now generally available.

You can now plan your deployment and upgrade of your on-premises infrastructure.

If you have an MSDN subscription, you can download the new version; there is also 2 additional separate download for the Assessment and Deployment Kit and the Windows PE add-on (which are also the ones for Windows 11).


To know more about what’s new with this version go to

This new version is scheduled to be supported until October 13, 2026 (mainstream), with an extended support up to October 14, 2031.

If you use WSUS/SCCM to manage updates, the updates for Windows Server 2022 are identified as Microsoft Server operating system 21H2.


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