SCCM – You can now convert your CGM to a scale set

As you know, Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) has been  feature available in SCCM for quite some time, allowing devices to connect back to SCCM while remotely connected (this was known in past version of SCCM as Internet Mode).

As you also know, you can deploy CMG using 2 different mode: ‘classic’ cloud service and (more recently) virtual machines scale set.

If you already had deploy your CMG using the ‘classic’ method and you want to move to the ‘modern’ deployment until the release of the 2107 version of SCCM you had to delete your deployment and redeploy a new CMG.

Well, this is no longer needed as you can now convert your existing ‘classic’ deployment CMG to a virtual machine scale set.


During the conversion (or if you deploy a new virtual machine scale set CMG) you can select the virtual machine SKU between the 3 available:

  • Lab (S2)
  • Standard (A2_v2) – the default; 2 vCore with 2 Gb RAM
  • Large (A4_v2); 4 vCore with 4 Gb RAM


NOTE after the conversion you will have to update your public DNS record to point to the updated Virtual Machine Scale Set DNS name

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