Office 365 – You can connect your Microsoft Rewards with your Azure AD

You may already know Microsoft Rewards, a loyalty program from Microsoft letting you earn points while using Bing for your web search and participating in other activities like participating to daily challenges.

Your reward points can then be converted to gift cards, XBox Live Gold membership or giving to charities.

If you don’t know or want to join go there

Well, you will be able to link your Microsoft Reward account with your organization account to earn more rewards points.

To the attention of the feature is turned on by default.

As end-users if you sign with both your Rewards account and your organization account, it will be linked automatically.

As Office 365 administrators, you can control the feature (turn it on – default – or off) by connecting to your Office 365 administration portal ( and accessing the Settings\Org settings blade


Then scroll down to locate the Microsoft Rewards option to turn it on/off


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