Intune – Changes in option to create device profiles

If you are using Intune / Endpoint Configuration Manager to manage your devices you will notice a change in options available when creating device configuration profile for Windows (10 or later) and macOS devices.

You now only have 2 profile types available:

  • Settings catalog (currently in previw); this is a new capability letting you configure in a more simplified way device settings. This allows you to search for specific settings and configure all of them in one place
  • Templates; this is the option to use if you want to create device configuration profile based on the same previous type we had (Device feature, Device restriction…)

image  image  image

To start using it, logon to your Intune/Endpoint Configuration Manager portal ( and access the Devices\Configuration Profiles to create a new profile.

When creating a configuration profile using the new Settings Catalog, you can search/browse configuration category which then returns all the available configuration options

image  image

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