Azure AD – You can download the list of Azure AD Devices

It has been a long awaited capability: you can now download the list of your Azure AD devices directly from the Azure AD portal.

Before this feature you were able to get the list of your Azure AD devices only using Azure AD PowerShell.

To download the list of your Azure AD devices from the portal, connect to your Azure AD portal ( or Azure portal ( and access the Azure Active Directory blade

image  image

Then go to the Devices\All devices blade and click on the Download device button


Then you can name the CSV file to be generated (default is exportDevice_<date – year-month-day>

image  image

You can check the progress of the generation by accessing the Bulk operation results bladeimage

Once the list is generated, just click on the operation to download the file


The list contains all relevant details of your AAD devices (enabled, last logon, device id, OS, join type (AAD or Hybrid)…)


4 thoughts on “Azure AD – You can download the list of Azure AD Devices”

    1. Hi Damon
      sorry but no; the serial number is not an information you have available in AAD for the devices
      This is available in Intune only

      1. Benoit — thanks for your article and answer to my comment. If I do a search for a user/tenant with an autopilot laptop — the device will have a host name. That host name has some association with a Serial Number. If I know the Serial, I can look it up in:

        Then, if I click on the result, it will show the Serial Number at the top along with the Associated Azure AD device in a side bar. The system knows this relationship, perhaps it’s through a secondary table somewhere. But it does know it. There may be no way to look it up in the Azure website. But Microsoft knows how query the information to provide it on that side bar. I would look up every device until I find one I’m trying to find, but it’s thousands of devices.

        Perhaps higher administration/permissions in Azure would allow an admin to see all the azure information in an MSSQL database, then query out the info that way. I don’t know. But somewhere, that information is linked.

        1. The serial is linked in the Intune device object which is itself linked with the corresponding AAD device (Object ID)

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