Office 365 – It is now possible to switch to another tenant

This is one is mainly for partners and CSP as they are responsible of managing different Office 365 tenant.

It is now possible to switch between different Office 365 tenant directly from the Office 365 Administration portal.

To be able to use this feature you must use the new admin experience  and have the other tenants registered with your organization (Partner relationship).

Once the feature is available for your partner tenant you will see the directory switcher top left of the home page of the Office 365 administration portal


By hitting this switcher button, you will get the list of registered tenant you are managing; you can even search by name if you have a lot of managed tenant


5 thoughts on “Office 365 – It is now possible to switch to another tenant”

    1. Because this capability is only for MS Partners you should be able to manage the user permissions from the Partner Dashboard to set what ever partner permission you want to your user

  1. I don’t see all my clients (tenants) when i am logged in the partner tenant. How is the connection made from the partner to the client tenant ? When i open a new client tenant i can see the new tenant, but not the older ones.


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