Azure Information Protection – The classic AIP client and label management in Azure Portal are being deprecated

imageBy now you should know the Azure Information Protection (AIP) solution the cloud-based right managements services (RMS) used to classify and protect documents and emails.

Azure Information Protection has been there for quite some time already (also previously known as Azure RMS too).

After various evolutions, it is time to see the classic Azure Information Protection client (and the associated labelling management feature in Azure portal) for retirement.

Azure Information Protection service is not disappearing, just the classic client which is now being replaced by the Azure Information Protection Unified Labelling client, which also support other productivity application like Adobe Acrobat.

The transition to use Azure Information Protection Unified Labelling requires you to complete the below steps (which are quite easy Smile):

  1. Activate the Unified Labeling in Azure portal
  2. Migrate your existing labels and policies from the Azure Portal to the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center
  3. Azure Information Protection customer end users can begin to apply labels and protection manually in Office applications across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

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