Azure AD – You can now customize the My Apps portal

As there is more use of Azure AD application integration (either Enterprise Applications or Azure AD App Proxy), it is becoming more complicated for end-users to find their most important applications for their work.

Well, good news, Azure AD Administrators can now create a ‘workspace’ grouping all related applications for their job or role.

First things first, you need to have at least Azure AD P1 and have enabled the Users can use preview features for My Apps preview capability available under User feature previews\Manage user feature preview settings from either your Azure portal ( and accessing your Azure AD blade or your Azure AD portal (

image   image

NOTE if you are getting the following error “Failed to update Access Panel settings” when enabling the feature for All, switch to Selected and choose a user group, then come back a day later and it should be solved.


Then access the Enterprise applications\Workspace blade and create your first My Apps workspace


The workspace creation is a very straightforward process, you just have to name the workspace, select the application(s), select the user(s)/group(s) to which the workspace will be deployed to

image  image

You can review My Apps workspace operations (including workspace creation) by accessing the Audit logs blade and search for either one of the following activities (service: MyApps):

  • Create workspace
  • Edit workspace
  • Delete workspace
  • Launch an application (end user)
  • Self-service application adding (end user)
  • Self-service application deletion (end user)

image  image

Once done, the next time your users will logon to the My Apps portal (, they will be granted with a notification telling them a new experience is available


When they switch to the new experience, they will access and will see the new tab(s)/workspace(s) you have assigned to them with the associated applications; they can still access all applications using the All apps tab


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