Office – Office 365 administrators can now manage the ‘What’s new” user experience (preview)

As you know, since the introduction of the Office Click-to-Run (Office C2R) installation methods, Microsoft has been improving communication to raise awareness of what is coming/new after your Office installation has been updated.


Until now, Office 365 administrators did not had much control on managing this “What’s new” feature.

Well, good new, such management capability is now being in preview (you will need to have set at least your administrators accounts to use ‘Targeted release’).

If you are already set for Targeted release and use the new admin center, you will see the new management option under the Settings\Settings\Services blade called Office‎ What’s New management Preview


From there you will be able to manage if the “What’s new” button is showing up (default) or will be hidden for every new/improved feature

There is no global setting (yet ?) to globally manage it


You can see the list of all “What’s new” for the past 6 releases.

If you want to hide a feature from the What’s new, just click the Hide button, or rolling back to display it the Display button

image  image

You can also select multiple features at once by using the check box shown on the left of the feature and then use the top Hide/Show button


When you choose to change the default visibility, a right panel is showing up, summarizing the feature(s) you are going to hide/show, you will then need to confirm the action by hitting the bottom button Hide from users or Show to users depending of the action you wants to do


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