Azure – The Azure mobile application got refreshed

As you may already know, the Azure mobile app (for Android and iOS helps you to keep an eye on your Azure resources while you are on the go.

Well, after the Azure portal getting a refresh, this is now the mobile app to get a refreshed and clearer interface.

Next time you will launch the Azure mobile app, you will be welcomed with this nicer interface, showing up your main Azure services on top, the latest alerts (if any and if you have configured them), the recent resources you browsed with the application and finally the service health and resource groups

image   image

You can edit the Home page by either accessing the Settings\Customize Home menu or use the Edit button shown at the top right

image  image  image

You can remove some section by using the toggle or re arrange the order by moving them up and down.

If you want to add a resource as a favourite, you will have to access it and then use the Star shown at top right which will turn yellow if enabled/selected

image  image

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