Office – New GPO settings available to give easier access to Insider option

As you know, Office 365 Pro Plus (aka Office Click to Run) can be enabled to join the Office Insider program in order to get early access to new features – like the Windows Insider program for Windows 10.

Until then, application administrators did not had much choice to enable/disable and lock down the access to the Office Insider program – only by setting the option in the XML file used during the deployment.

Well, now is the time to gather the latest version (4918.1000 as of October 10, 2019) of the ADMX files for Office (available as it provides (among other things) a new setting to let you enable/disable and lock down the access to the Office Insider program.

There 2 settings to configure to enable/disable the Office Insider program:

  • one at the Machine Configuration level: Update Channel available under the Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office 2016 (Machine)\Updates branch

This settings set the update channel you want to join (this was already available with previous ADMX files)


  • one at the User Configuration level: Show the option for Office Insider available under the User Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office 2016\Miscellaneous branch

This settings allows you to show/hide the option to your end-user


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