Azure – Service Map is now available in more region

You may already know Azure Service Map, an add-on component (Dependency agent)  running on top of the Azure Log Analytics agent providing you more insight for your applications/servers by analysing connectivity flows.

It is also recommended to use it when using Azure Migrate to assess your on-premises servers when preparing for Azure migration.

To know more about Service Map you can take a look at

Until recently it was only available in an handful Azure regions (East US, West Central US, Canada Central, UK South, West Europe or Southeast Asia).

Well. good new as Service Map is now available in more regions – making it available to up 18 Azure regioins:

  • South Central US
  • West US
  • West US 2
  • Central US
  • East US2
  • North Central US
  • East Asia
  • Central India
  • North Europe
  • Japan East
  • Australia East
  • Australia Southeast

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