SCCM – You can now install application to a device from the console

With the release of the new System Center Configuration Manager Current Branch 1906 (SCCM Current Branch), you can now install one or more applications to a device directly from the administration console.

It is important to note that you need:

  • to have the Approve application request for users per device optional feature enabled
  • the application to be deployed as Available to a device collection with the option An administrator must approve a request for this application on the device enabled
  • to have at least Application Administrator role to do it from the console (this covers the read and approve permissions for application and read, read resource, modify resource and view collected file permissions for collection)

The application will not be shown in the Software Center and the user can’t install the application; it will become available after you have executed the below action.

To install an application to a device from the console, access the Assets and Compliance\Devices workspace and select the device you want to install the application to

Then choose Install application either from the Ribbon or using the device contextual menu

image  image

Then choose the application to install


You can monitor the installation using the Software Library\Application Management\Application Request

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