Teams – You can connect to Azure pipelines using Teams

You can now connect to your Azure Pipelines from Microsoft Teams.

To do so, add the Azure Pipelines application in your Teams by accessing the Teams app catalog and search for Azure Pipelines (or Azure, or Pipelines) – you can also browse the Productivity category


Then select the Teams where the Pipelines app will be added and click install


Finally define the Teams channel and complete the bot setup


That’s it, you are now able to subscribe to Azure Pipelines using any of the below commands

    • pipelines subscribe [pipeline url] – Subscribe to a pipeline to receive notifications
    • pipelines subscriptions – Add or remove subscriptions for this channel
    • pipelines feedback – Report a problem or suggest a feature
    • pipelines help – Get help on the slash commands
    • pipelines signin – Sign into your Azure Pipelines account
    • pipelines signout – Sign out from your Azure Pipelines account


You can manage your Azure Pipelines directly from Teams by approving release deployments directly from Teams too.

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