Exchange – New capabilities in for HCW Hybrid Agent

As you may be aware, the Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard (HCW) is evolving and is currently proposing an ‘Hybrid Agent’ mode in preview (see

Well, the Hybrid Agent preview has been updated and is now providing more capability:

  • Multi agent support: you can now deploy more than one Hybrid Agent in your environment
  • Manual download: you can now manually download the Hybrid Agent without running the HCW
  • Agent status: from the HCW, or using PowerShell, you can now have the status of each agent deployed in your environment

Manual download

You can download the Hybrid Agent from

Once download, just run (as always recommend using an elevated command prompt) the MSI package (or you can deploy it with SCCM). You will then be prompted for your global administrator account.

Multi Agent Support

If you run the HCW on the other server (or manually download and install), you can deploy more than one agent in your environment.


Get the status of the agent

You can use PowerShell to get the status of the hybrid agent by executing the below commands (as always using an elevated PowerShell command prompt)

Import-module c:\\Program Files\Microsoft Hybrid Service\HybridManagement.psm1

Get-HybridAgent -credential (get-credential) – where you enter your global admin credentials

Enjoy with these new updates Smile

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