Azure AD Connect – A new version is coming

A new version ( of the directory synchronization (Azure AD Connect) tool for Office 365 / Azure AD is going to be release soon (

This new version of Azure AD Connect is not only resolving few issues (SQL reconnect logic for ADSync service, issue where installation of Azure AD PowerShell on a server could potentially cause an assembly conflict with Azure AD Connect or ADSync service takes more than 2 minutes to stop and causes a problem at upgrade time) but also is delivering quite few new capabilities and features:

  • Exchange Mail Public Folders feature goes GA
  • Unified Groups Writeback feature is now GA
  • Allow database name to be entered during install; meaning you will be able to name the database being used by AAD Connect instead of using the default name ADSync
  • Added an Azure AD trust management task that provides two options: analyze/update trust and reset trust
  • Changes in the way AD FS is being deployed by AAD Connect; only 1 AD FS server and 1 WAP are being deployed, additional servers will be manually deployed after the installation
  • AD FS deployment with AAD Connect will require a PFX certificate file instead of using a pre-installed certificate
  • New agent running as Windows service (Admin Agent) to provide deep remote diagnostic for Microsoft Support engineers when you have a support request opened – more details here
    • You can disable the ability to access the data by modifying the AzureADConnectAdministrationAgentService.exe.config (use Notepad with the Run As Administrator) – do not uninstall the agent

<appSettings> <add key=”TraceFilename” value=”ADAdministrationAgent.log” /> <add key=”UserDataEnabled” value=”false” /> </appSettings>

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