Azure – Azure AD B2C has some improvements

The Azure Active Directory B2C has got some improvements, you can:

  • Set custom password policy
  • Use new sign-in/sign-up experience template
  • Use Javascript in user flow


Custom Password Policy

You can define your custom password policy to require either:

  • simple
  • strong
  • legacy
  • or custom

When setting the password policy to custom you can then define:

  • the minimum and maximum length
  • the accepted characters set (alphanumeric or numeric only)
  • the password format (upper/lower case, special characters…)

To define your password policy, access your B2C administration portal and reach the User flows section


Then for each flow you can set the password policy from the Properties section



New Sign-in/sign-up experience

The new sign-in/sign-up experience allows you to use 2 new templates:

  • Ocean Blue


  • Slate Grey


You can select it from the Page Layouts option for each user flows


You can get some sample to start using these new templates from

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