Intune – Group Policy is coming in Intune (preview)

The latest update on Intune is providing (in preview) the ability to configure group policy (GPO) for Windows 10 devices.

This is not (yet?) the exact group policy we have in Active Directory but the idea is the same and based on the well known Administrative Templates (ADM/ADMX).

NOTE this is currently not supported for co-managed device (aka Azure AD joined devices managed with System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)) but this is definitively in the target.

Not all settings available in GPO are (yet?) available in this Intune Administrative Template feature, but this includes Office 2016 settings

To start using it, access your Intune administration blades from your Azure administration portal (


Then reach out the Device Configuration\Profiles blade to create a new profile


When creating the new profile, choose the Windows 10 or later platform and then Administrative Templates as profile type


Once the profile is created you can configure the ‘GPO’ settings by accessing the Settings blade


You can search (if you know exactly which setting you want to configure) or use the name or path column for ordering

When configuring a setting you will have some details about – like the OS support or description – in the same way we have in GPO

Pay big attention to the setting you configure as for many the name does not fully reflect it (like for Internet Explorer, you have the same setting name but applicable at different level of configuration). My recommendation would be to first use the path to locate the setting


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