Azure AD – New SSO setup experience

An updated and refreshed experience is now available when setting up Single Sign On (SSO) when publishing application on Azure Active Directory (AAD).

After adding a new application in Azure AD you need to setup how the authentication is going to be proceed and most of the time you are going to setup SSO.

The new SSO setup experience is more intuitive and will let you test the setup before applying it.

To use the new experience you need to logon to your Azure portal ( or Azure AD portal ( and reach out the Azure Active Directory\Enterprise Application to publish a new application


Then either choose an application from the gallery or non-gallery application


Then go to the Single sign-on configuration blade and choose the SAML option


On top of the configuration blade a purple banner is displayed to invit you to switch to the new configuration experience


To switch click on the Try out our new experience button on top of it

Once you switched the SSO configuration experience, it will be used for any new application you will add in the future

Once you have completed the SSO configuration you will then be able to test and validate it


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