Azure – New data migration option to Azure: Azure Data Box

As for Exchange Online migration, you now have the option to ship encrypted hard-drives to Microsoft datacentres when you migrate big amount of data to Azure workloads.

This is a similar option than the one we already have to migrate Exchange mailboxes to Exchange Online.

The option, called Azure Data Box, has been introduced late last year already but now it has been improved to provide more flexibility in term of disk capacity; you can now order and ship up to 5 8Tb hard drives at once. The 100 Tb option is also still available.


If you want to sign up for Azure Data Box (in preview) go there


You will notice an orange header when you sign up; don’t be worry you are still on your Azure portal, this is just because this is a preview feature for now.

When setting up your Azure Data Box, you will be requested to define the average amount of data your are going to migrate, from which country, the frequency you are going to send or the expected time frame for the data transfer.

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