Azure – Use auto-filled fields when creating new Azure Labs

An new functionality has been introduced when creating Azure Virtual Machine within your Azure Lab: auto-filled fields.

It is going to make things a little bit easier, while helping to keep some standardized naming (and password generation Smile).

To use this new capability, you first need to manually provisioned a new virtual machine and check the Save as default password checkbox.

The virtual machine name and local admin username fields will be automatically prefilled using your logged account. The virtual machine will be suffixed with a 3 digits number

It is important to note that this functionality is only available for virtual machines created on an Azure lab


Then you ‘default’ password will be saved in the VmPassword variable – available through the My Secrets configuration blade


An next time you create a new virtual machine on your Azure Lab, the password field will be automatically set to use this variable


Off course you will still have the choice to define your own password by unchecking the ‘Use a save secret’ checkbox

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