SharePoint Online – You can now use PowerShell for your migration

You may be already aware that Microsoft has provided a migration tool for SharePoint Online to help you migrate your SharePoint On-Premises or file servers to SharePoint Online (you can take a look there and

Now, an updated version ( of the migration tool now includes PowerShell command to help you in your migration.

If already had a previous version of the SharePoint Migration tool installed, the updated version will be automatically installed the next time you start it. Otherwise go to

As part of the PowerShell command you will be able to:

  • create/remove a migration session
    • Register-SPMTMigration
    • Unregister-SPMTMigration
  • add/remove tasks in an existing migration session
    • Add-SPMTTask
    • Remove-SPMTTask
  • start/stop a migration session
    • Start-SPMTMigration
    • Stop-SPMTMigration

To know more about each of these CMDlets go to

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