Azure – Azure File Sync preview has been updated

If you are using Azure File Sync preview (or planning to use it), the service has been updated.

You can get the update Azure File sync agent either by running WindowsUpdate (or getting it from the WindowsUpdate catalog here or by downloading the updated agents from here

If you are updating an existing agent the KB 4130942 is required; if this is not installed it will be installed automatically when deploying the updated agent which may leads to a restart.

IMPORTANT NOTE all future Azure File Sync agent will requires to have this refreshed agent installed (Refresh 2) when updating existing deployment.

As part of the updated capabilities:

  • Added Azure Backup and Restore support in Portal.
  • The Azure File Sync agent now supports application-specific proxy settings.
  • Tiered files can now be moved outside the server endpoint directory​ (files will be downloaded locally in the background).
    Improved interoperability with antivirus solutions.
  • Added support for Cloud Service Provider (CSP) accounts when the Server Registration UI is used.
  • Added FileSyncErrorsReport.ps1 PowerShell script (located in the agent installation directory) to identify files that failed to sync because of open handles, invalid characters, or other issues.
  • Miscellaneous performance, reliability, and telemetry improvements.
  • Azure Files added support for syncing files and directory names that have Unicode characters. This improves sync reliability for all Azure File Sync agent versions.

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