Azure – Fast data transfer to Azure

imageThis is a Garage tool – meaning it is not fully supported – to help you speed up your data transfer to Azure blob storage, Azure file or VM

With the help of this tool you can raise the data transfer to up 4 TB/h from a single client on a 10 Gbps link (on slower link it raises up to 90% of the available bandwidth).


Fast Data Transfer tool comes in 2 part:

  • 1 command line application running on your client side either on Windows or Linux
  • 1 Azure VM on the Azure side (you can use up to 4 Azure VM)

The tool will help you to:

  • use the full capacity of your bandwidth when performing data transfer to Azure resources
  • load directly onto an Azure VM or Azure File system while supporting long-distance link
  • increase the disk read performance to minimize the overhead
  • identify data transfer bottleneck (local disk, network or destination storage)
  • throttle your transfers to reduce the network impact on other workloads
  • automatically retry after a failure
  • transfer a huge number of small files

The tool works only with Azure blobs.

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The Fast Data Transfer tool use the 10256 communication port. You can change it by editing the FastDataTransferServer.settings.json file.

On the client side, you need to include the new port in the connection string.

You need to ensure both your client and Azure VM can communicate through this port.

If plan to use an existing Azure VM to host the tool, you need to ensure Network Security Group is updated to allow the communication port.

Get the complete documentation here

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